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At Bag People we get things done in the fastest possible way.  We are in direct contact with our factories every day, plus we're in the right time zone to get things done - our Production Office is in Sydney, Australia.

Use our geographic location to your advantage and get things done while you sleep.

That's right things happen while you're asleep.

We've been making bags since 1993, so we have a vast wealth of knowledge to call on and make sure we ask you the right questions.  We find out as much as we can about your needs and then we translate your thoughts in to a solid tangible brief to make sure we get things right the first time.

We are a production company, not a marketing company and we focus on factory-direct orders of 3,000+ units.

It's the big orders that can save you heaps of money, or can be a very costly mistake... if you get it wrong.

Every order we fulfil follows our stringent production process.  Logical steps in a sequential order to make sure things get done and nothing is overlooked.

No step is ever missed and we make sure you have complete transparency of the process - it's not hidden behind several layers of expensive bureaucracy or many different people in the supply channel.

Bag People - we make great bags exactly how you want them.

Contact us for more details.