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Choose your fabric
Choose your fabric

Start with Questions

  • what do you want to achieve with these bags?
  • how many do you need?
  • when do you need delivery?

Our website has all the details, but you're always welcome to Talk to Us to go through the options.


Get your Artwork Ready

Save yourself time and money.  Send your artwork to us and we'll check it out.


Confirm your Order with us

If you have a company procurement process or a Purchase Order system we are always happy to provide written quotes and process your order manually.  Contact Us for more information.


Artwork Proof

Once you've confirmed your order we create a create an artwork proof which shows how your bags will look once they are printed.

After you have checked and approved the artwork proof we start making your bags.  Be sure to check the artwork proof carefully because there are additional fee's if something needs changing after confirmation.


Production and Delivery

We keep you updated at every stage of the production process and will make arrangements for a convenient time and location for your delivery.

Your order will be delivered directly from our factory within 8-14 weeks depending on the fabric you have ordered.


After Delivery

When your order is complete and delivery has been made, we will contact you to make sure everything is OK.

We'll also ask if there's anything we could have done better for you so we can make our company easier for everyone to work with.