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Non-woven Polypropylene is the full name for Non-woven Fabric (NWPP).

Non-woven fabric is man-made and manufactured using light-weight polymers, as such the end product is immensely strong, durable and easy to work with.  It is the ease of use during production that aids the lower costings.

Because it is man-made, the design of production capabilities are just about endless.  Plus a huge array of colours.  Here's our standard colour options and we can custom-dye your preferred colour if needed


Our Non-woven Bags are made from the simplest possible Polypropylene composition.

While Polypropylene is a polymer (plastic) the simplicity of the chemical balances used in our fabric enable 3 key features when compared to other plastic options :

  1. recyclability under Type 5 collections
  2. anti-bacterial
  3. non-absorbant

Like all polypropylenes, non-woven fabric can be recycled but does not break down naturally in landfill.

Non-woven Polypropylene is a Type 5 Polymer, be sure to check at the recycling centre or waste collection beforehand.

The current manufacturing processes of non-woven has allowed it to become economical enough to produce reusable bags that replace Single-Use plastic bags.

It can be argued that Non-woven Bags have probably done more to clean up our environment than any other single element in recent times – while it is not a perfect solution, it has been the most effective thus far to assist reduce consumption and raise awareness.

Non-woven Polypropylene is manufactured using chemical, mechanical and heat treatment.  It is usually pressed with uniform pattern of some type to give it the appearance of a woven fabric.

Our Non-woven Polypropylene contains approximately 30% Recycled Content.

Exceptional results can be made when screen printing on Non-woven fabric.

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